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Welcome to Budget Bohemian! I’m Monica Watson, creator of Build Your Boho Capsule Wardrobe, and I teach free spirits how to build boho capsule wardrobes. You walk into your closet every day: I believe that ritual should be full of self-care, not self-loathing. If you closet doesn’t make you feel like a goddess — we need to talk.

Monica, thank you so much for taking time to call me and help me through my Closet CleanOut! You just made the whole process a gazillian (is that even a word?) times easier! If anyone else is riding the struggle bus cleaning out their closet definitely ask Monica for help! She is a total angel and made my life so much easier. Much love for you, chica!

~Kiersten, dressmaker & client


This Closet CleanOut and picking my colors and clarifying my style words is really fun.  It’s opening up even more simplicity, time-saving, authentic expression, and confidence for me so it’s awesome…a bit of extra effort but to ultimately make things easier and simpler, and like that Monica’s positive energy and consciousness about ethical choices adds fun, encouragement, and extra “permission” to the process…even maybe a tiny bit of accountability which is motivating.

~Joce, Budget Bohemian Community member


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