5 Ethical Fashion Brands to Watch in 2017 

Ethical denim and Bohemian fashion! How to build an ethical boho capsule wardrobe

Ethical fashion brands to Watch in 2017: Sweet Lupine, Outland Denim, Adorned, Super Deep Denim and Soldered Silver.

Who made YOUR clothes?

Here are Budget Bohemian we’re all about getting you the perfect bohemian wardrobe — at NO cost to others. In our Build Your Boho Capsule Wardrobe course we make the capsule-creating and ethical shopping simple by doing all the work for you. There’s a directory of ethical stores from around the globe provided so you always know where to go to buy ethical

Clothing is often made in sub-human conditions by people sold into modern-day slavery.

So who made your clothes?

That’s become the hot-button topic of the fashion world (with good reason) as the garment industry accounts for not only 12 million human trafficking victims each year, but also dangerous and inhumane work conditions for those employed in making our clothes.

But there are many lovely, fashionable, and long-lasting brands out there that may be small now but are worth watching in 2017.

Here are 5 brands you may not have heard of before but are SUPER DUPER awesome:

These 5 brands offer high quality pieces created in an atmosphere of fierce loyalty to social consciousness combined with an artful attention to detail. Purrrrrrfect places to shop for your boho capsule wardrobe. ;P


{This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are mine folks & you ain’t getting anything except the truth out of me.}

What is ethical fashion? What are ethical fashion brands?

(1) Sweet Lupine

If you’ve been following my IG you may have noticed me obsessing over Sweet Lupine’s dark gray thermal with detailed sleeves: comfortable as all get out, sturdy as heck & a staple item with non-standard details (my fav.)

Sweet Lupine was founded by mother-daughter duo Kelli and Amanda, who believed that fashion should not only highlight the beauty of all women but also be ethical + sustainably sourced. Their artisans and producers are from all over the world, and each of their pieces is lovingly handcrafted in a conscious manner.

If you’re looking for high-quality, ethically sourced items go check out Sweet Lupine at www.sweetlupine.com.


sleeve detailing on my Sweet Lupine thermal.

(2) Outland Denim

This Australian-based denim company is not only dedicated to artisan-ship (all their patterns are fully tested & curated for the perfect fit) but was founded to give women rescued from the human trafficking industry sustainable, healthy careers in Cambodia.

Their process is ethical and eco-friendly right down to the bone: even their zippers, buttons, and dyes are organic, green and produced in ethical conditions.

And their jeans are to DIE for. Slims lines, elegant distressing, and a gorgeous variety of dyes.

My mouth is watering over them. Check out Outland Denim here. {Yes they do ship internationally ;P}

(3) Adorned

Sarah and Margarita from the U.K. bring you the ethical, affordable and boho-beautiful brand Adorned. They re-work and embelish vintage jackets & kimonos as well as provide gorgeous one-off pieces.

If you’re looking for a bohemian-style kick for your wardrobe that’s not only ethical but really good on your wallet, check out Sarah and Margarita’s products here and their super-bright and happy IG feed here.

(4) Super Deep Denim

Do you love Levi’s?

Lauren Trend went to fashion school but then decided on a different but related field — she started Super Deep Denim to re-invent, embellish and give new life to vintage Levi’s because she saw what the fast fashion industry did to the industry workers.

She picked Levi’s because they were one of the first brands to go fully transparent about their sourcing of production: and, of course, Levi’s is THE inventor of the jean.

Her works of denim art are both wearable and curate-able. Check out Lauren’s gorgeous IG feed here.

(5) Soldered Silver 

EDIT: Britt has since renamed her brand Kaivi Jewelry. 

Britt Rachelle of Soldered Silver handmakes + solders her beautiful bohemian inspired pieces that would light any wanderlusting soul afire. Her Instagram stories are amazing {she’ll show you the behind-the-scenes of her process} and so is her IG feed.

Her Etsy store is full of luscious gems, bright turquoise and of course, her signature silver work.

Check out her store here and her Instagram here.

~ ~ ~

In the end, ethical shopping is not only more rewarding (you’ll be supporting the artistry and passion of people all around the globe) but you’ll be able to add to your wardrobe a high-quality item with a story.

Your wardrobe should be as exciting as you.

Make your personal flair with meaningful pieces.

If you’re not sure where to start in your capsule creating adventure, enter your email here and get our free-as-the-wind No Stress Closet CleanOut Guide. It’ll give you all only 3 questions you need ask when tackling your overwhelming wardrobe — with no tears. Get your FREE Closet CleanOut Guide here and prep for your 2017 dream closet!

Happy capsule creating peeps!




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