7 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Capsule Wardrobe 

To save you tears, money and time here are the top 7 things to avoid when curating your capsule, whether that is in our course Build Your Boho Capsule Wardrobe or on your own!

I started building capsules in high school because often days were anxiety-riddled enough that a crazy, out-of-control closet was enough to make me crawl back in bed and shut the world out. They saved my mornings, grades, and mental health — and they can save you too. {so if you’re looking for an excuse to make one, here it is}

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At first having a capsule meant having the bare minimum: no flair or self-expression. I just wanted clarity in my life. But that gets boring fast, doesn’t it? 

In college I developed into the bohemian-lover and gypsy souled style maven you see today on Budget Bohemian’s Instagram. Bohemian means free to me: and as I’m obsessed with freedom of all kinds I wanted my style to reflect that.

My love of freedom is the motivation behind Build Your Boho Capsule Wardrobe. I guide you through the steps of a specifically BOHO capsule, because I believe a simple closet doesn’t have to sacrifice flair and fringe. Here are 7 things to avoid when starting your own capsule wardrobe adventure so you can have the maximum amount of fun!

And before we continue: what the HELL is a capsule wardrobe??

A capsule is 3 things:

  • Versatile. A capsule is a collection of 32-40 clothing items in a specific color palette curated for a certain season. {Not sure what a color palette is? We go into that below.}
  • Budget-friendly. Because you have a color palette the number of items you need to make your closet functional is much much lower. Voila–less shopping expenses, more traveling money.
  • Fun. Hella yeah! Capsule creating is an art: a very addictive one. You’ll get hooked on the search for the perfect tee in just the right tone or the rush of discovering the signature jacket that’ll pull your whole capsule together. It’s like museum curation except you get to touch everything.

7 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Capsule

(1) Neglecting to pick a color palette. Your color palette is SO important. Why? Because the color and patterns of your clothes dictate whether or not you can wear them together. Example: if you own 10+ colors in your wardrobe how many of those *actually* match each other? It’s hard to pair a neon yellow with chocolate brown with teal with cherry with lilac. Picking a few colors that all complement or match each other is key to building a capsule. If things match each other you’ll be able to mix everything with each other (caramel fringe jacket with all your blue and white tops, for example.) This means you need less. And you’ll spend less on new clothes. Boom: money saving.

(2) Having staple pieces without signature or special details. Pick staples with statement details. A staple piece is something you wear on a daily basis: a jean jacket, a wool coat, shorts or your favorite jeans. To prevent boredom {and stay true to your boho heart} pick staples in a neutral color with a fun/unique twist. For example: a classic white blouse with some embroidery in cream and a flowy sleeve. Unusual. But still basic because white matches everything.

(3) Buying everything retail. You do NOT need to buy everything new! You can build your capsule with thrifted pieces. You can shop your own closet–you probably have at least 5 pieces that can go into your new capsule–so you don’t have to start from scratch. In Build Your Boho Capsule Wardrobe we give you the exact shopping checklists you need to restock your closet without overspending.

(4) Thinking you can only have 32-36 pieces of clothing. There’s a reason I keep saying a capsule is between 32 to 50 pieces. Your closet is built around your LIFESTYLE. Your closet is for YOU. I’m not here to limit the number of hangers in your closet–what I do is show you the bare minimum, the core of your closet, so you can keep life simple. What is minimal for you varies from what’s minimal for someone else. This is supposed to be FUN. ;P

(5) Forgetting to accessorize! Accesorizing is sooooo important. It keeps your basics fresh, your outfits full of variety, and of course, your looks always #bohochic. Building an accessories collection that complements your capsule wardrobe is very fun and vital. An accessories collection is separate from your clothing capsule, and is meant to “spice it up.” Yup…fun.

(6) Thinking “I can’t have a boho style and a simple closet at the same time.” Yes you can! It’s all about choosing the perfect pieces to bring your gypsy soul joy. Flared jeans, fringe booties, embroidery, beading…incorporating bohemian in almost every piece in your wardrobe is possible (and fun!!)

(7) Not cleaning out your closet. Ignore everything on this list BUT NOT THIS ONE. If your closet is a crazy stressful place you need to weed through it before you build a capsule. Simplify what you own before buying ANYTHING will save you money and time. If your current closet is under control you’ll know what to buy.

If cleaning your closet sounds like hell I have a No Stress Closet CleanOut Guide for you. It’s a series of 5 daily tips — easily implementable in 10 minutes or less every day — to help you plan your Closet CleanOut so it’s not stressful. Get control of your closet today!

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Don’t be a slave to you crazy closet — free your wardrobe and your sense of style with us {it’s free}.




7 thoughts on “7 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Capsule Wardrobe 

  1. ddfbryant says:

    I never thought about a capsule wardrobe but this sounds like something I need to invest in asap! Since having a kid my body, lifestyle, and sense of how I want to look and be perceived has changed so much. This is fabulous!

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