Why is Closet CleanOut so Damn Hard?! 

Where do I start in my Closet CleanOut?! How do I know what needs to be gotten rid of? What colors should I pick? Is there a criteria for all this crap?!

In our Budget Bohemian FB community I hear this again and again…WHERE in blazes do I start Closet CleanOut?

And if you don’t know where to start that makes cleaning out damn hard.

Here are the 3 major factors as to why your Closet CleanOut isn’t going well — and how to fix that!

First, what IS a Closet CleanOut? It’s the practice of freeing your wardrobe for all the items that aren’t getting used, don’t fit, are too old or not your style.

It’s about freedom.

It’s about discovering your REAL wardrobe, that expresses who you truly are.

We have a free as the wind No Stress Closet CleanOut Guide for you: it’s a series of 5 daily tips to help you prep and plan for your CleanOut, so it’s as simple and serene as possible.

(1) Factor #1: Feeling guilty?

If you’re feeling guilty because of the amount of money you spent on an item: don’t be.

If someone gave you this item and you love them, but not it — don’t feel guilty.

You don’t need permission to let things go, but in case you’re looking for it: here’s your permission.

Solution: Do something constructive with the items you’re cleaning out (such as donating them or giving them to a friend who’d love it.)

(2) Factor #2: Feeling overwhelmed?

Maybe close CleanOut is hard because you’re overwhelmed –don’t know where to start — or how to wade through the piles of clothes.

Solution: Go through your closet section by section to cut down on overwhelm. For example go through skirts first. Then tops. Then denim. Don’t do it all at once!

Also, don’t CleanOut your accessories with your clothing. Just start with your clothes and you can move on from there.

If you have lots of shoes, skip them too. Clothes come first.

Tip #3: Feeling unfocused?

So you know where to start and you don’t feel guilty — but Closet CleanOut is still difficult?

Maybe your GOAL to the CleanOut is unfocused. You don’t know what you want your closet to end up looking like.

Solution: Pick out what colors you want to be wearing on a regular basis. When cleaning out, hold each clothing item and ask: is this a color I like? Does this match my dream color palette?

If yes, it stays. If not — buhbyyyyeeee.

Still feeling stressed about your Closet CleanOut? Get our No Stress Closet CleanOut Guide! All you have to do is enter your email and you’ll the first tip  instantly in your mailbox.

No more floundering. Just a free Closet with lots of empty hangers to fill! Yay!

Let’s make that your closet reality. Get your No Stress Closet CleanOut Guide here

Do you have Closet CleanOut tips or tricks? Comment below and share with our community!



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