What Is a Bohemian Capsule Wardrobe? {Plus 8 Boho Basics to Get You Started} 

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You may be a gypsy soul, surfin’ the web, wondering where the hell the Bohemian Capsule Wardrobe templates & guides are at. That is ‘cus they don’t really exist, except here. At Budget Bohemian we’re aaall about a simple, stress-free, minimalist closet that fulfills your need for boho, for fringe, for flair.

You can have a capsule wardrobe that is truly boho.

If you don’t like the minimalist or modernistic style;

if you get bored of the lack of color;

if you want to free your closet and stay true to your gypsy style: you’re in the right place.

Sounds good? Ok, let’s get started.

If you want the 8 Boho Basics list + links to these products available from ethical brands, enter your email here!

What is a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of 32-40 pieces of clothing (on average; this isn’t about numbers) in a certain color palette for a certain season.

What does this mean?

(1) You’ll have 4 capsule wardrobes total in your closet — because you’ll have one for each season. One for summer, autumn, winter, spring.

That does not mean you’ll own 40 pieces of clothing for EACH capsule. That’s anything but simple. Many of your pieces will be year-round pieces. Or at least clothes you’ll wear two seasons out of the year.

For example: I own 68 pieces of clothing {not including accessories.} That’s for all four seasons of the year! Many of those pieces (corduroy jacket pictured below, along with the fringe booties) are year-round items I love to wear all the time.

(2)  A capsule wardrobe means no more “morning panic” of what the hell do I wear, ending in the ubiquitous leggings and tee (again.)

You’ll be able to save that 30 minutes of stress every morning, and be able to spend that time practicing self-care instead.


I started building capsule wardrobes because I live with anxiety & depression, and I needed time to practice self-care every morning.

On a personal note, I started building capsule wardrobes 9 years ago because I was falling apart. every morning.

I live with anxiety and depression. Sometimes waking up is difficult enough. I do not need a crazy, over-filled, chaotic closet on top of chronic illness.

Instead of arriving panicky and sweaty I arrive centered & well-dressed. I show up for clients, for my online course business and for my family self-confident and happy.

A capsule wardrobe can save you 30 minutes so you can take care of yourself — what would you do with those 30 minutes? yoga? sip tea? read? spend breakfast with your kids? 🙂

What’s a bohemian capsule wardrobe?

It’s a capsule wardrobe, except boho in the extreme! Every piece is curated to incorporate the bohemian theme. Fringe, beading, embroidery, colors, batik prints, you name it — wear it!

I’ve always been a wild child. I love festival flair and cowgirl-esque get ups.

But many capsule wardrobe templates and companies don’t cater to us gypsy women. So I started one myself.

{More about Build Your Boho Capsule Wardrobe here.}

 8 boho basics to start YOUR bohemian capsule wardrobe!


If you want to start shopping now, enter your email here to get our 8 Boho Basics list with links to ethical fashion brands, so you can start your capsule now while supporting socially conscious biz! Win-win.

(1) Fringe Booties.

I’ve had these for almost a year — and I’ve worn them at least twice a week since then. Invest in a good pair of fringe booties. You won’t regret it.

(2) Kimono.

Effortless. It looks good with everything {mini dress to flares to skinnies to shorts to bikini}, a kimono is the true 365 day item. Get one that fits your color palette and your personal flair. Boom.




(3) Layered jewelry.

This is a super-boho touch. And really easy to achieve! Need I say more. 😉

(4) Embroidered jacket.

Having a signature jacket, the You Jacket, is imperative. Be it embroidered, fringe, bomber, leather, etc, etc doesn’t really matter — if it suits your soul, your style, and your boho, it’s exactly what you need. A signature jacket can bring your closet from “meh” to boho babe.

Get this list + links to ethical brands that sell these exact products, straight in your inbox. Conscious consumerism meet laziness meet festival flair. Right here. 😉

(5) Flared denim.

The above-pictured flares are my favorites (I’m actually wearing them now. haha) They match everything I own, and add an instant touch of hippie. So fun and easy.

(6) Statement earrings.

The window to the soul is your beautiful eyes — why not draw attention to them, in a super vibin’ way? Statement earrings are fun, a bit kooky, but still office-appropriate {ok depends on how statement we’re talking.}




(7) White lace top.

Especially when combined with statement jewelry, flares and your signature jacket, a

white lace top is a lovely touch. It’ll match practically everything, never go out of style, and is appropriate no matter your age.

(8) Turquoise ring.

Another easy-to-find item that’s budget-friendly. A turquoise ring will instant add pizzaz to your outfit.



Earrings from Wild Honey Pie Designs {not my photo}

Where do I get these items? Shopping sucks.

haha I hear ya. Not only do malls get over-crowded and are horribly overwhelming, most of the products available are produced in sub-human conditions by people barely paid to create our daily luxuries.

Ethical fashion exists, but you may not be sure where to start.

That’s why I created the 8 Boho Basics cheat sheet for you — it not only has a shopping list of all these items mentioned above, but it includes links to products currently available from ethical fashion brands.

Talk about the lazy way to shop! 😉

Enter your email and get your 8 Boho Basics from Ethical Fashion Brands here, to make your foray into boho capsules and conscious consumerism easy.

Want MORE bohemian capsule wardrobe tips? Watch our LIVE weekly boho show! 

Every week on Tuesday at 10am EST my LIVE show Boho Brewed airs on the public Facebook page, Budget Bohemian. (Like to get notifications!) It’s a time for us to hangout, drink tea/coffee/preferred beverages and talk boho style, capsule wardrobes and self care! To watch the first episode on WHAT boho style really means (and how to bring your unconventional style to the workplace) go to this blogpost to watch the replay and read!

Happy ethical shopping, boho babe.

Do you have a favorite boho basic? Comment below!



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7 thoughts on “What Is a Bohemian Capsule Wardrobe? {Plus 8 Boho Basics to Get You Started} 

  1. Cate says:

    I love this post, actually I love all your posts :-).
    I am much (much) older than you and have struggled with the same issues you have for many years, but have learnt to cope with them too.
    I have been a “boho babe” for near on 40 years, so no so much of a babe these days, more of a
    “boho crone”,lol.
    I absolutely agree with you that a capsule wardrobe is the answer to at least one anxiety causing problem first thing in the morning and have been using one since before they became a “thing”. Thank you for this, so interesting and well written. 🙂


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