How to Boho-fy Your Capsule Wardrobe {If You’re Bored with Minimalism} 


You’ve looked up “capsule wardrobe” on Pinterest. You’ve googled images, found guides and read the books on a minimalist closet.​

And you know what? They’re almost all the same style. I hear one complaint over and over from clients, friends, and my audience — you:

“why are all these capsule wardrobes boring?”

Capsule wardrobes as they’re commonly given to you tend to be minimalist in STYLE and well as in NUMBER. And…well…us boho babes and unconventional stylistas find that unsatisfying.

No worries: that’s where I come in! In Build Your Boho Capsule Wardrobe I teach free spirits how to create boho capsules with ethical and thrifted fashion, so you can spend more morning time on self-care and less worrying about what to wear.

A capsule wardrobe is 32-40 pieces of clothing collected in a certain color palette for a certain season. It’s created to make your mornings simple — because everything will match. It’s created to reflect YOU, YOUR style, and your unique personality and lifestyle.

Many capsule wardrobes end up being cookie-cutter. You follow all the templates others give you and you end up dissatisfied, because you end up looking like someone else. Ugh.

I don’t want you to end up looking like someone else. You should look like YOU. When you work with me you always end up with an unique capsule that reflects you and your lifestyle.

You are too beautiful to be a cookie-cutter.

So, without further ado, I made an easy three-step way to bling-up your capsule wardrobe. #LetsGetBoho! All these tips are easy (and involve shopping your closet!)

If you don’t want to read all this — just watch the video below!

It’s a live replay from a workshop I did on Mother’s Day in our Facebook group, the awesome Budget Bohemian Community! You can get lots of free help, exclusive LIVE videos and awesome help from other boho babes in our Budget Bohemian Community on Facebook {you’re invited — join us here, babe!}

3 Ways to Boho-ify Your Capsule Wardrobe

(1) Go with an earth goddess color palette.

If you want to incorporate more bohemian into your current closet, the number one easiest way is to mix and match earthy tones. These colors are grounded and definitely broadcast a hippie soul vibe.

Colors could include olive green, rust, sky blue, turquoise, rose, forest green, tan, black, gold, and many more!

Color is the soul of your capsule. If you’re not happy with your current color palette, watch this How to Choose Your Color Palette workshop in the Budget Bohemian Community {it’s free, and straight of Build Your Boho Capsule Wardrobe!} If you’re not yet a member of our group, no worries, you’ll be added really soon — and you can view the video at any point after you’re added.

(2) Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.

Layering is a HUGE way to create an easy boho look. Layer bracelets, necklaces, or if you have multiple piercings: earrings.

Also, any natural-stone jewelry, turquoise, and metal-work tends to have a very boho-hippie vibe, along with opal and pearl.

The bohemian style is definitely rooted in your accessories. Even if you’re at an office you can bring in the boho flair you love with a boho belt, fringe booties, some embroidery/beading, or turquoise jewelry. It’s a simple way to bring more boho into your closet even if you’re in a situation where you need to tone it down (or if you’re looking for a more subtle approach.)

(3) Pick certain silhouettes.

Bell-sleeves, tunic-tops, flared jeans, and fringe. Maxi dresses. Embroidered details on flowy items. All these silhouettes are bohemian — and you probably own at least one of these pieces already! Layer with some turquoise and you’re good to go.

All this (and more!) is shared in the video below.

Now I’m curious: what’s your favorite way of bringing #boho to your daily look? Do you have a go-to accessory? Tell us below!

And don’t forget to join our free community of badass bohemian babes here in the Budget Bohemian Community for more awesome videos and content. Can’t wait to see you in there and get to know you better!



P.S. Yes, my face is INCREDIBLY dorky in the video still…don’t mind me. haha

One thought on “How to Boho-fy Your Capsule Wardrobe {If You’re Bored with Minimalism} 

  1. Heather says:

    I boho with baggy colorful pants patterned and block with flowy cold shoulder tops . I alternate between block pants and patterned tops and patterned pants with block tops. Lots of lacey tops with camis under if there to see through. Komonos!! Have lots if them! Patterned.. lace.. block/lace. Then add some boho necklaces/ bangles. I’d say im a lite boho girl!! I feel at 56 im to old to go the whole way lol.


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