How to Make Your Closet CleanOut Abundant {11 Tips For a Positive Mindset!}

Every morning you walk into your closet and that anxiety tightens your stomach. What do I wear today?? Which shoes?? Does this match with that?

You try on 5 or more outfits. Only to end up disappointed.

Babe, I hear you.

I live with anxiety, depression and a chronic illness. Stress breaks me down and turns my otherwise-totally-chill-day into a disaster. I’m hypersensitive.

Walking into your closet every day does NOT need to be an activity that brings pain to you on a daily basis. Getting dressed is a ritual. If that ritual includes self-hate because you no longer fit those jeans or you can’t seem to minimize your closet:

stop. breathe. relax.

My focus in this crazy, over-saturated fashion world is to get you TWO things:

(1) a closet that reflects your unique, gorgeous, hippie soul;

(2) a totally stress-free closet overhaul experience.

As a woman with high-functioning anxiety I know how easy it is to say “naw, I’ll take care of myself later,” only to end up in a heap of nerves at the end of the day. I know what it’s like to face a huge project — and know that I can do it — and yet feel despair as to where to begin.

I know what it’s like to open my closet and see nothing but boring, stressful, repetitive, unflattering items.

Walking into your closet every day does NOT need to be an activity that brings pain to you on a daily basis.

You know what, fellow free spirit? It’s time to say YES to letting go. It’s time to say YES to less. Time to say YES to opening up the physical and mental space that will allow you to create the dream, unique closet of your fantasies.

Here’s how to create an abundant, positive experience while doing a Closet CleanOut.

I’ve found that my closet is a place of concrete, simple self-love that pulls me back from the brink. (I’m not being dramatic!! It’s true!!)

Sometimes when we’re low, our clothing can boost us back up.

That’s why it’s important to have items in your closet that elevate your vibe, so to speak.


(1) Tip #1: Open Your Mindset

One of the most common struggles I hear from my clients is “how do I let go of stuff???” If you’re afraid of having less — afraid you’ll miss those items down the road — remember that less is more, and that having a few items you LOVE is more abundant than having an overwhelming closet full of mediocre items.

Your mindset is a very powerful tool.

If you’ve already decided that a Closet CleanOut is going to painful, emotionally rough and a horrible chore…how will it turn out any better?

Remember what you’re GAINING. Don’t focus on what is lost. Money cannot buy you time; and time is what you’re saving by downsizing your closet. You can save up to (if not more than) 30min every morning by creating a simple closet.

What would you do with 30+ more minutes every morning? Read a book? Sip tea? Exercise? Meditate?

Focus on the opening up of space both in mind (so you can reveal your true style) and your physical space: i.e., look at all those empty hangers waiting to be filled with perfect, you-centric items!


(2) Tip #2: Focus on Happiness-Value, not Money-Value.

If you’re worried about letting go of items because you feel guilty about having spent money on them, remember HAPPINESS trumps MONEY. If an item isn’t serving you, let it go. You can always re-sell your items on ThredUP or at a consignment store!

Just as money cannot buy you time, it also cannot buy happiness — or at least, the money you’ve already spent has not made you happy.

If an item doesn’t make you feel like “squee!!!!” inside, let it go. Nobody has time or space for shit. {even the expensive kind}

(3) Tip #3: Choose Your Image Words.

Clothes are ultimately very important because they project an IMAGE. They make us feel a certain way, because they are part of our image as a whole person.

What three words would describe the image you want to project of yourself in your daily outfits? How do you want to FEEL in your clothes? What do you want your daily outfits to reflect about you?

When cleaning out your capsule wardrobe you need a goal. That goal is YOUR personal style, fully expressed. Your image words will serve as your Closet CleanOut goal — and beyond, as it will also guide your color palette planning, your capsule wardrobe templates, and much much more.

You can choose movies, song titles, adjectives, places, verbs or whatever else is concrete and sensual (i.e. able to be sensed) to be your three image words. It’s up to you, babe.

{One of my favorite words from a client was “Stevie Nicks” ;D}

Want more abundance tips?

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They’re all focused on the bohemian babe who wants to open herself up to a new closet of hippie goodness.

This is one of my most popular freebies; I’ve never had a freebie go so quick!! And yes, it’s totally free, no strings attached. Get yours here.

Do YOU have a Closet CleanOut tip or question to ask? Share your experience in the comments!



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