How to Bring BOHO into Your Professional Outfits {Boho Brewed Episode 1: VIDEO!}

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How to be unique + professional

You’re a wild soul with a flair for the original. You’ve also got a job.

That job requires you to wear certain things (be it casual outdoors wear or a pencil skirt + heels.) You get bored with what you’re TOLD to wear. But you also can’t risk getting fired. So how do you wear your unconventional style in the workplace?

How do I dress cute and professional?

I’m here to tell you that your professional uniform DOES NOT need to inhibit your self-expression. There’s always ways to bring in a unique touch to any work outfit, even if your workplace dresscode is strict.

To give you some background: I worked in a library a few years ago and the dresscode was strict. Professional pants or pencil skirts, shirts that went over the shoulder, and professional shoes. I had to figure out ways to make my outfit POP even if I still had to wear work-appropriate items.

Now I use my empath abilities to help free spirits create their own unique, bohemian capsule wardrobes so you can have more time for self care in the morning (and feel confident every day!)

Here are 3 ways to bring more BOHO into your BIZ attire featuring Boho Brewed!

All these tips (and more on WHAT boho means) are in the first-ever episode of Boho Brewed — my weekly bohemian show on the Budget Bohemian FB page. It airs every Tuesday at 10am EST and it’s a time for us to hangout, drink tea/coffee/preferred beverage and talk all things boho style and self-care!

The video is down below for you to watch if you want to HEAR/WATCH these tips instead of read! {Plus see me trip over my tongue and overall just act like a dork. ;P}

Feel free to like + turn on notifications at Budget Bohemian! If you show up LIVE I’ll answer all your questions. And if you want a shout-out on the show, go here to suggest a topic!

Let’s get to the 3 biz outfit tips.

(1) Choose unusual, earthy colors (even if you have to wear a pencil skirt.)

Colors are so mood-altering. They’re also one of the first things we notice out of ANY outfit.

Do work in an office? Have to dress professional everrrry day but kinda hating it?

Bring in earthy tones. Rust. Orange. Turquoise. Wear quirky colors: chartreuse, lilac, yellow. Colors are so unique and you can choose tones that REFLECT your soul while still wearing a pencil skirt and cute heels.

Remember: YOU are the QUEEN of your life. Think outside the box. You can dress professionally — but you still get to show off your unique flair.


(2) Silhouettes

Let’s say you’re like Teresa. Teresa watched Boho Brewed LIVE and asked how to add more  unique flair to her outfit — she isn’t allowed to wear jewelry or hair accessories, and her uniform consists of black tee (must be crew neck), jeans, black belt, black hat. That’s it.

Teresa doesn’t have a lot of options does she?

This is where SILHOUETTES come in.

Teresa can wear flared jeans. Or jeans with cool detailing on the pockets. Just something little to keep her happy, satisfied with her daily look, and showing off her unique style.

Remember silhouettes can be a powerful way to wear an unconventional style in the workplace. 

You can wear bell-sleeves with a pencil skirt — that’s office friendly.

Flared jeans for biz casual.

A blouse with cool neckline, flared sleeves, fringe, etc. Focus on unique silhouettes that can be paired with professional pieces for an extra wham.

(3) Accessories

Accessories are SUPER. They pack a punch as far as effect — just one necklace can take a boring outfit to a stunner.

They’re easy to pack, store, and mix n’ match so well!

Accessories can mean necklaces, bracelets, chokers, hair pieces, rings, anklets, hats, scarves…..possibilities. are. endless.

Accessories are your BEST friend when bringing your boho to your biz attire. Just one turquoise necklace, for example, can take your professional outfit just a tad southwestern while staying office-appropriate.

Don’t forget the BIG effect a SMALL piece can make.

Watch how to bring BOHO to your BIZ attire in the first Boho Brewed episode:

We talked what bohemian means plus chatted about HOW to bring unconventional style into a variety of different workplaces. And chugged coffee when I couldn’t figure out words like “jewelry storage hanger thingy.”

Do YOU have a topic you’d like to be discussed on Boho Brewed? Send me your ideas here and get a chance to be featured!

Thank you for reading and if you LIKED this post and video please share to spread the magic!



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