the SECRET to a No-Stress Closet CleanOut {How to Choose Your Image Words}

teh SECRETE to a No Stress Closet CleanOut

Is your closet overwhelming?


Chaotic + not YOU?

Here’s my number one tip for you. This is not even step one — it’s step zero — and it will make your Closet CleanOut, shopping and boho capsule building e a s y. This is the FIRST thing we do in Build Your Boho Capsule Wardrobe, the first thing I do with my VIP clients, and I’ve done dozens of workshops on this one secret.

Sound unreal? Don’t worry it’s really simple.

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Hi, my name’s Monica Watson and I teach free spirits how to create their own bohemian capsule wardrobes so you can have more free time in the morning for SELF CARE versus worrying about what to wear. Your closet and your style should reflect your unique beautiful soul: that’s my obsession. I started creating capsule wardrobes 9 years ago to help my anxious little self have better mornings (despite depression, PCOS and PTSD.)

Now let’s get to the NUMBA ONE SECRET shall we?!

The second episode of Boho Brewed aired Tuesday 7/11 at 10am EST. Episode two is all about WHY your closet is overwhelming and three ways to fix your unflattering, crazy closet! Watch that below. And if you wanna get a shout-out on the show, suggest your topics here! (Boho Brewed airs every Tuesday at 10am EST on the public Facebook page Budget Bohemian. Like + turn on notifications so you can watch us LIVE!)

To do a no-stress Closet CleanOut you need a GOAL.

You need a PURPOSE for shopping too.

When decluttering and when building a capsule wardrobe you need a concrete description to keep in your mind at all times that keeps you focused on how you want your closet and style to feel after you declutter/shop.

You need 3 image words.

Your three image words are concrete descriptions of how you want to feel in your clothes on a daily basis. You want three of them to keep a rounded out, unique, totally YOU and original description of your personal style.

Ok here’s an example.

I want to feel free, light, and airy in my daily outfits. So I choose one of image words as CLOUD.

Think about it — how do you want to feel? Confident? Free? Sexy? Take those goals and go deeper. Keep reading for examples of an image word that WON’T work.

Here are the 3 steps to choosing an image word.

Your image words can be a movie title, a song, a person, place, adjective — whatever brings a clear, distinct image in your mind to keep you FOCUSED on your personal style.

(1) Think of someone whose style you admire — perhaps a celebrity. What word would you use to describe their style? Use a unique, sensual word.

(2) Keep in mind color and texture. Your style is material, sensed, and brought together by color, texture, etc. Focus on what materials you like. What colors do you like? What word describes these experiences?

(3) Do you want to feel confident, comfy, free? What makes you FEEL those words? Maybe it’s a song, a memory, a place. Pick a word to describe those feelings. That’ll make a grrrreat image word.

What does NOT work as an image word?

A word that doesn’t have a strong, concrete image in your mind linked to it — so “comfy” is probably too weak to a useful image word.

Dig deep into HOW you want to feel.

DESCRIBE concretely how you want to feel using things you’d see, feel, or hear. And BAM, you’ve got an image word that’ll keep you focused through the Closet CleanOut process.

One of my image words is cloud

How an image word WORKS!

When you focus on your personal style — your GOAL for your decluttering, for your CleanOut, and for your shopping — it makes all the choices you need to make simple.

Does that item fit at LEAST one of your image words?


out it goes.

It’s that simple.

When you have clear parameters on how your closet is supposed to serve you, reflect your soul, and make you happy, your chore suddenly becomes FUN!

Your image words also guide your color palette planning (which I also teach you how to do in Build Your Boho Capsule Wardrobe, for all 4 seasons) because color is so powerful; if a color doesn’t fit your image words, it’s also not a good choice for you.

what image words do YOU choose?

Tell us down below!! We’d all love to hear about your personal style.

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Watch the second Boho Brewed episode on body hate, finding brands you love and more tips for a perfect closet that reflects YOU!

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Watch the first episode of Boho Brewed here!




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