The Boho Babe’s Ultimate Guide to Self Care {What My Morning Ritual Looks Like}: Inspired Book Club Review

Inspired Book Club box July review

I friggin’ LOVE this crystal tea diffuser!

Hey boho babe, you deserve to be taken care of.

You’ve heard the phrase “can’t pour from an empty glass”, right?

Women wear so many hats as spouses, partners, creatives, mothers, nurturers; and if our cup runs out, there’s nothing else to give. I’ve fallen into the trap (and maybe you have to!) that since you’re so ready to take care of others, other people are supposed to take care of you.

and they can’t. Other people cannot do your daily self-care practice FOR you.

You create a morning self-care practice for, with, and by yourself.

I have a morning self-care practice because I live with anxiety and depression. I need a little moment in the morning to get me out of bed, fill my heart with positivity, and really focus on the good.

Woo doesn‘t need to prep their mind and body for the day?!

This post is the ultimate guide for bohemian babes for creating a self-care practice that you can bring anywhere with you, and that will serve you long-term. This is something you can commit to!

A good, sustainable self-care ritual is one that

(1) you can bring WITH YOU wherever you go — commute, plane, wherever.

(2) something that refreshes both your mind AND body (we have both aspects so you gotta make sure you’re caring for both!)

This is why I have a capsule wardrobe — to give me back those 10, 15, even 30min in the morning so I can spend time with self-care. Imagine: a closet that you can pull from with your eyes closed. A closet that reflects your SOUL, your PERSONALITY, and gives you time to fill your cup every morning. A closet for you, that works for YOU, flatters you, and doesn’t make you feel shitty/fat/uninspired. If you want to read more about HOW to create a boho capsule wardrobe (and get a list of 8 boho basics to get you started) go here!

At the bottom of this post is a LIVE replay of Boho Brewed, my weekly LIVE show by and for bohemian babes all about boho style, self care, and capsule wardrobes. It airs on the public Budget Bohemian Facebook page every Tuesday at 10am EST. {like + follow to get notifications when we broadcast live!} In this episode we talk WHY you need a capsule and HOW to create a morning self-care routine –even when you’ve got a schedule from hell, all with the help of my friends at Inspired Book Club!


I want to share Inspired Book Club with you babes because if you’re struggling to make a consistent self-care morning routine, this subscription box will help you do this.

Inspired Book Club sends you a monthly subscription box that sends you an inspiring book, organic tea, and artisan goodies. I received the July box and in there was a Beach Bitch tea blend, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, a bookmark, Mermaid bath salts, mermaid-themed hair ties, and a really awesome crystal tea diffuser. Plus a handmade bag to hold all this month’s goodies if I wanna bring them to the beach or travel — which I did do, as you can see in the Boho Brewed episode below.

What I REALLY love about Inspired Book Club is they give you the option to donate your book at the end of the month, for no extra charge!

Note: If you purchase an Inspiried Book Club subscription (or just one box!) through the links in this post you’ll support me and Budget Bohemian. This post is not sponsored, however I was sent the box gratis to review. 🙂 As always, you’ll get nothing but the truth from me!

Big Magic Inspired Book Club review

Big Magic oohh la la 😉

This is why you need a capsule wardrobe — to give you back those 10, 15, even 30min in the morning so you can spend time with self-care.

Here’s what you need, boho babe, for YOUR self-care experience. You need something that is gonna refresh and heal both your body and your mind. We’re beings of spirit and flesh — we need that reloading for each of our facets of being.

I suggest focusing on the body first. Awake the body so you can hear your soul.

Now I hear you — you’re thinking it’s too hard to wake up earlier. You work early. You don’t have time away from the kids. Life is crazy. Don’t let that stop you. Work with what life has handed to you. You CAN make it work.

Inspired Book Club

Beach Bitch tea blend by Luna Tea Co and Mermaid bath by Arielle’s Apothecary!

One of our community members Rachella asked how to incorporate a morning ritual into her life even though she often works at or before 6am! This is a great question, and I’ll share my morning routine to answer this.

Let’s start with caring for your  b o d y.

I start each morning with tea. I need that gentle awakening flow of caffeine, heat, and familiarity (without the huge jolt coffee gives! Honestly coffee gives me panic attack!)

We’re both mind and body –a good self care practice works in something for BOTH of those aspects. However, let’s focus on the body first. You need to be awake to think don’t ya.

No matter how early you wake up, you’re probably gonna want that early morning wake-up call drink!

If you’ve seen any of my live videos, or follow me on Instagram, you know how much of  tea whore I am!

Looking for a monthly tea subscription box was actually how I found Inspired Book Club, as Inspired Book Club sends you lovely organic tea every month.

I received an aromatic blend called Beach Bitch in my July box. LOVE that name and the tea too! It’s a black tea, with marigold notes; and it’s lackluster without milk/creamer of choice, but when you add milk it gives the tea a really rich, full-note flavor. Soooo good. The tea is from a California-based company called Luna Tea Company (check them out here — that’s NOT an affiliate link.)

In all honestly, there isn’t A LOT of tea given to you as you can see above. There’s enough for 6-8 cups depending on how strong you like your tea. If you’re a casual tea drinker this is more than enough for you; for me, I’m gonna use my container of Beach Bitch in a little less than a week. haha Maybe that means I just have a problem. ;-P

What I absolutely LOVED was the crystal tea diffuser (also by Luna Tea Co) — it really WORKS, and I show you up close and personal in the Boho Brewed episode below!

Waking yourself with a glass of water, then tea, coffee, smoothie, whatever is key to a good self care practice.

Sipping on tea while reading a book or listening to an uplifting podcast is KEY for your self care practice.


self care ritual morning practice for boho babes

yup I’m a tea whore 😉

End with something for your mind!

Ok, now we’ve sipped our tea/preferred beverage and woken up a little bit. Now to care for our minds + mindset for the day!

I love to listen to upbeat music, an uplifting podcast/book, OR watch YouTube beauty guru videos. Yeah, I know that’s a little weird, but I love seeing people talk about makeup probably because I can’t do it. haha

Reading a book — even if it’s just 5 pages — is also crucial to my morning self-care.

What I do is sip tea for about 10 minutes, listening to my audio of choice. Then I read a chapter of a book (it ranges from gothic romance to self-improvement depending on my goal for the month!)

If I can’t read everyday, I can listen to my podcast.

If I can’t listen to the podcast, I can read.

And if I can’t do either I can just drink tea.

And if I can’t even drink tea — I can still breathe.

More on that in a bit.


Again, Inspired Book Box fulfills my needs as it sends you a monthly inspiring book! (see why I love them so much?! They send me my whole self-care ritual plus extra goodies!)

July’s box came with Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat Pray Love. I’ve never read this book before (I know! shocker! everyone all of my social media was telling how goooooood it is, and I’ve been enjoying it so far!)

What I do is sip tea for about 10 minutes, listening to my audio of choice. Then I read a chapter of a book (it ranges from gothic romance to self-improvement depending on my goal for the month!)

What I LOVE about this ritual is that no matter WHERE I am I can pop my earbuds in and listen. I can sip tea in a travel cup. To answer Rachella’s question — a morning self-care ritual can move WITH you, whether you’re on the go, commuting, or staying home.

Choose something you can commit to long term.

That’s why the NUMBER ONE tip I have for you is to  b r e a t h e. It’s amazing how often we hold our breath when we’re stressed. I constantly check in my myself — am I breathing?! — and it centers me.

No matter if I’m driving.

No matter if I’m sitting still.



Going on a date with Hubby.

Make sure you’re breathing. It’s staggering to me how many times I catch myself holding my breath!

If you’re really serious about committing to a self-care ritual, having a subscription box that delivers that morning ritual to your door every month will keep you focused, excited about your habit, and on track.

I want my morning ritual mailed to me every month!

You’ll receive artisan organic teas for your morning sippin’.
An uplifting book to start your day out positive.
And more goodies (like bathsalts! and other yummy things like that!)
Best of all: when you’re done with the book, and if you don’t want clutter (helloo minimalists!) you can donate the book so someone else can benefit from it.
Not sure you want this box — or want to see more of it? I unbox the whole box in the video below.
I went LIVE in a Starbucks for the third Boho Brewed episode because I was traveling — just goes to show you how important it is to have a self-care ritual that can travel with you.
To learn more watch away, babe!

Do you want to see me unboxing the Inspired Book Club July box, talk about the goodies, plus give you in the ultimate tips for starting a self-care practice?! Watch!




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