How to Start a Minimalist Boho Wardrobe in 3 Steps

Do you want a minimalist boho wardrobe but aren’t sure where to start? You’re in the right place, Star Child!

If you’ve searched Pinterest or google for minimalist boho capsule wardrobes you’ve probably noticed that there’s a vacancy. It’s as if all capsule wardrobes have to be “black and white” only, and from a free spirit’s perspective — that’s boring.

It’s a false choice. You’re being told that:

Either you have a crazy overhearing closet full of options OR a simple closet that doesn’t express your personality.

But I believe you can have both: a simple closet that gives you time for self care in the morning and a unique personalized style.

That’s why I started creating boho capsule wardrobes. I began 10 years ago (in high school before pinterest!) because I live with anxiety and depression. The daily ritual of getting dressed is one we all have to do — so I decided to create a closet that gave me joy (and time back!)

Do you want a closet that gives you an orgasmic OH YES experience errry morning? Here are three tips to get you started!

(1) choose 2-3 basic bottoms with awesome details.

Basic bottoms are ones that will fit your color palette, meshing your capsule together. These colors could be black, white, gray, blue etc — it depends on your palette! (Read more on picking a palette based on your undertone here.)

These awesome details could be flares, distressed knees, embroidery, cute pockets, etc.

These bottoms will give you an easy but personalized base for your outfits!

I love my Outland Denim jeans — they’re unique, comfy, and fit my style. Plus their brand is completely devoted to being ethical! All their pieces are made with sustainably and ethical sourced materials and you can tell. They’ve lasted me through many adventures!

(2) Pick tops with a lotta boho flair.

Your tops will make your statement — bright colors, prints, embroidery, fringe, lace — go for it!

Your tops should match your bottoms. This will create the maximum outfit potential!

Depending on how much laundry you wanna do uuhhhh I mean depending on your needs, you’ll want 6-10 boho tops for your minimal boho capsule.

Make sure they make your heart sing!

(3) Don’t forget accessories!

Accessories add zest to your looks. In this look I’m wearing a layered necklace, glitzy shoes and a fringe bag.

These shoes were my wedding shoes and every time I wear them they bring me back to that first moment with my hubby saw me in my white dress.

This brings me to the final point: wear what makes you happy. Stick to the basics.

Layer necklaces because you LOVE them.

Wear prints that make you smile.

Don’t keep stuff that’s clogging your closet, making it harder to decide what to wear.

Good luck on starting YOUR minimal boho capsule wardrobe, babe!

Before you go — I made you something!!

Here are 8 boho basics to get you started on this closet journey!

Click here to get this cheatsheet direct into your inbox!

What are YOUR biggest boho capsule questions? Comment them below!!

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