How to Start a Minimalist Boho Wardrobe in 3 Steps

Do you want a minimalist boho wardrobe but aren’t sure where to start? You’re in the right place, Star Child!

If you’ve searched Pinterest or google for minimalist boho capsule wardrobes you’ve probably noticed that there’s a vacancy. It’s as if all capsule wardrobes have to be “black and white” only, and from a free spirit’s perspective — that’s boring.

It’s a false choice. You’re being told that:

Either you have a crazy overhearing closet full of options OR a simple closet that doesn’t express your personality.

But I believe you can have both: a simple closet that gives you time for self care in the morning and a unique personalized style.

That’s why I started creating boho capsule wardrobes. I began 10 years ago (in high school before pinterest!) because I live with anxiety and depression. The daily ritual of getting dressed is one we all have to do — so I decided to create a closet that gave me joy (and time back!)

Do you want a closet that gives you an orgasmic OH YES experience errry morning? Here are three tips to get you started!

(1) choose 2-3 basic bottoms with awesome details.

Basic bottoms are ones that will fit your color palette, meshing your capsule together. These colors could be black, white, gray, blue etc — it depends on your palette! (Read more on picking a palette based on your undertone here.)

These awesome details could be flares, distressed knees, embroidery, cute pockets, etc.

These bottoms will give you an easy but personalized base for your outfits!

I love my Outland Denim jeans — they’re unique, comfy, and fit my style. Plus their brand is completely devoted to being ethical! All their pieces are made with sustainably and ethical sourced materials and you can tell. They’ve lasted me through many adventures!

(2) Pick tops with a lotta boho flair.

Your tops will make your statement — bright colors, prints, embroidery, fringe, lace — go for it!

Your tops should match your bottoms. This will create the maximum outfit potential!

Depending on how much laundry you wanna do uuhhhh I mean depending on your needs, you’ll want 6-10 boho tops for your minimal boho capsule.

Make sure they make your heart sing!

(3) Don’t forget accessories!

Accessories add zest to your looks. In this look I’m wearing a layered necklace, glitzy shoes and a fringe bag.

These shoes were my wedding shoes and every time I wear them they bring me back to that first moment with my hubby saw me in my white dress.

This brings me to the final point: wear what makes you happy. Stick to the basics.

Layer necklaces because you LOVE them.

Wear prints that make you smile.

Don’t keep stuff that’s clogging your closet, making it harder to decide what to wear.

Good luck on starting YOUR minimal boho capsule wardrobe, babe!

Before you go — I made you something!!

Here are 8 boho basics to get you started on this closet journey!

Click here to get this cheatsheet direct into your inbox!

What are YOUR biggest boho capsule questions? Comment them below!!

Why Your Personal Style Isn’t Just For YOU: Confidence, Children + Bohemian Style {Boho Brewed Ep. 4}

body confidence, how to be confident, personal style

Pin that, baby!

Ever bought or tried on a garment and said to yourself: “I LOVE this. But I’d NEVER wear it in public!”?

We berate our love handles, tummies, arms, faces, legs, thighs. We hate on ourselves. We tell ourselves this color doesn’t look good; that shape isn’t right; we allow a constant flow of negative talk in our minds (especially when those dressing room mirrors aren’t flattering.)

Today let’s talk about CONFIDENCE.

This post and Boho Brewed episode 4 (watch at the bottom of this post!) was inspired my our community member and gorgeous gal Jenny! She sent us a message suggesting a topic for Boho Brewed — HUGE SHOUT OUT TO YOU JENNY!!! She wrote:

“I love boho style on others but I always feel daft wearing it myself, as if I’m in a costume….I’d love some tips to do a sort of “boho lite” to break me in gently. Love your style, blog and insta. Also love that you are a real woman with hips and boobs, lots of boho style seems aimed at people with straight up and down frames — which I do not have!” ~Jenny

I believe if clothing doesn’t look good on you, it’s not your body that’s “wrong”, it’s the garment. It’s simply not possible for every single piece of clothing to complement your unique shape and style.

And that’s ok.

However, I see this in my clients, in the beautiful babes who experience Build Your Boho Capsule Wardrobe, and the Budget Bohemian Community on Facebook:

a lack of confidence.

++we don’t believe our bodies are WORTH showing off.

++we only focus on the sagging, marks, and fat rolls.

how to find your body type

This reminds me of the words of a fashion icon and incredible woman:

The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives the passion that she shows. The beauty of a woman grows with the passing years. ~Audrey Hepburn

Here’s the TRUTH, boho babes! Your style is not just for you. You do not get dressed in a vacuum, you do not live alone in a cave.

(If you do, I’m impressed by your wifi capabilities LMAO)

how to be confident in the boho style bohemian

There are ALWAYS little eyes watching you. No matter who you are I can guarantee that at least ONE person looks up to you, mimics you, and patterns their behavior on you.

Especially if you’re a parent, a mentor, a teacher, an elder sibling/cousin/friend.

I remember being 5 years old and seeing my mom crying over her figure in the bathroom. She HATED her tummy. It hadn’t even crossed my mind to ever hate anyone’s body (including my own). I was unconscious of people’s physical flaws; I just met them heart-first, as children will. Seeing my mother hate her body planted the seed for my own body-hate later on.

Now, to be clear, this is not my mother’s fault per se. She probably had no idea how big of an impression this would make on me.

We we do, say, and feel is REFLECTED in the children around us. As adults, we form the next generation.

Remember: children learn through absorption. They’re beautiful, innocent, sweet sponges. Let’s teach our little girls and boys to LOVE that they have bodies. To LOVE that they have muscle, fat, hair, skin. To appreciate what’s beautiful about themselves.

Now you’re probably thinking: HOW can I feel more confident?

I absolutely love the phrase Jenny used: “boho-lite.” This implies touches of bohemian such as in your accessories, a color choice, or silhouette but it’s not “over the top.”

Now, if you’re having trouble identifying YOUR form of boho, YOUR form of personal style, YOUR form of sleek/unconventional/confident/sexy/comfy it’s because you’re limiting yourself to ONE label. (Read a blogpost on how to find YOUR personal style here!)

My definition of boho is free-spirited. This means saying “fuck off” to labels, this means combining pieces or colors you wouldn’t normally think to put together, this means OWNING your magic and your light.

If you think bohemian HAS TO BE over-the-top, bold, bright, with crazy luxurious jewelry — I’m here to tell you it isn’t.


Bohemian style is all about finding what makes YOU FEEL FREE!

You ready to FIND what style reflects YOUR soul, YOUR vision and YOUR lifestyle? You ready to set your inner goddess free — whatever that means to you? Watch episode 4 of Boho Brewed, right here!

Boho Brewed is a weekly talk show made FOR and BY bohemian babes, that airs every week on Tuesday at 10am EST on the Budget Bohemian public Facebook page. It’s a time for us to hangout, drink tea/coffee/preferred beverage, and talk all things bohemian style, capsule wardrobes and self-care. Like + follow to get the notifications when we go LIVE!

Do you wanna work with me to create YOUR unique, magical, bohemian capsule wardrobe? Check out your options here!

Thanks for watching!



The Boho Babe’s Ultimate Guide to Self Care {What My Morning Ritual Looks Like}: Inspired Book Club Review

Inspired Book Club box July review

I friggin’ LOVE this crystal tea diffuser!

Hey boho babe, you deserve to be taken care of.

You’ve heard the phrase “can’t pour from an empty glass”, right?

Women wear so many hats as spouses, partners, creatives, mothers, nurturers; and if our cup runs out, there’s nothing else to give. I’ve fallen into the trap (and maybe you have to!) that since you’re so ready to take care of others, other people are supposed to take care of you.

and they can’t. Other people cannot do your daily self-care practice FOR you.

You create a morning self-care practice for, with, and by yourself.

I have a morning self-care practice because I live with anxiety and depression. I need a little moment in the morning to get me out of bed, fill my heart with positivity, and really focus on the good.

Woo doesn‘t need to prep their mind and body for the day?!

This post is the ultimate guide for bohemian babes for creating a self-care practice that you can bring anywhere with you, and that will serve you long-term. This is something you can commit to!

A good, sustainable self-care ritual is one that

(1) you can bring WITH YOU wherever you go — commute, plane, wherever.

(2) something that refreshes both your mind AND body (we have both aspects so you gotta make sure you’re caring for both!)

This is why I have a capsule wardrobe — to give me back those 10, 15, even 30min in the morning so I can spend time with self-care. Imagine: a closet that you can pull from with your eyes closed. A closet that reflects your SOUL, your PERSONALITY, and gives you time to fill your cup every morning. A closet for you, that works for YOU, flatters you, and doesn’t make you feel shitty/fat/uninspired. If you want to read more about HOW to create a boho capsule wardrobe (and get a list of 8 boho basics to get you started) go here!

At the bottom of this post is a LIVE replay of Boho Brewed, my weekly LIVE show by and for bohemian babes all about boho style, self care, and capsule wardrobes. It airs on the public Budget Bohemian Facebook page every Tuesday at 10am EST. {like + follow to get notifications when we broadcast live!} In this episode we talk WHY you need a capsule and HOW to create a morning self-care routine –even when you’ve got a schedule from hell, all with the help of my friends at Inspired Book Club!


I want to share Inspired Book Club with you babes because if you’re struggling to make a consistent self-care morning routine, this subscription box will help you do this.

Inspired Book Club sends you a monthly subscription box that sends you an inspiring book, organic tea, and artisan goodies. I received the July box and in there was a Beach Bitch tea blend, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, a bookmark, Mermaid bath salts, mermaid-themed hair ties, and a really awesome crystal tea diffuser. Plus a handmade bag to hold all this month’s goodies if I wanna bring them to the beach or travel — which I did do, as you can see in the Boho Brewed episode below.

What I REALLY love about Inspired Book Club is they give you the option to donate your book at the end of the month, for no extra charge!

Note: If you purchase an Inspiried Book Club subscription (or just one box!) through the links in this post you’ll support me and Budget Bohemian. This post is not sponsored, however I was sent the box gratis to review. 🙂 As always, you’ll get nothing but the truth from me!

Big Magic Inspired Book Club review

Big Magic oohh la la 😉

This is why you need a capsule wardrobe — to give you back those 10, 15, even 30min in the morning so you can spend time with self-care.

Here’s what you need, boho babe, for YOUR self-care experience. You need something that is gonna refresh and heal both your body and your mind. We’re beings of spirit and flesh — we need that reloading for each of our facets of being.

I suggest focusing on the body first. Awake the body so you can hear your soul.

Now I hear you — you’re thinking it’s too hard to wake up earlier. You work early. You don’t have time away from the kids. Life is crazy. Don’t let that stop you. Work with what life has handed to you. You CAN make it work.

Inspired Book Club

Beach Bitch tea blend by Luna Tea Co and Mermaid bath by Arielle’s Apothecary!

One of our community members Rachella asked how to incorporate a morning ritual into her life even though she often works at or before 6am! This is a great question, and I’ll share my morning routine to answer this.

Let’s start with caring for your  b o d y.

I start each morning with tea. I need that gentle awakening flow of caffeine, heat, and familiarity (without the huge jolt coffee gives! Honestly coffee gives me panic attack!)

We’re both mind and body –a good self care practice works in something for BOTH of those aspects. However, let’s focus on the body first. You need to be awake to think don’t ya.

No matter how early you wake up, you’re probably gonna want that early morning wake-up call drink!

If you’ve seen any of my live videos, or follow me on Instagram, you know how much of  tea whore I am!

Looking for a monthly tea subscription box was actually how I found Inspired Book Club, as Inspired Book Club sends you lovely organic tea every month.

I received an aromatic blend called Beach Bitch in my July box. LOVE that name and the tea too! It’s a black tea, with marigold notes; and it’s lackluster without milk/creamer of choice, but when you add milk it gives the tea a really rich, full-note flavor. Soooo good. The tea is from a California-based company called Luna Tea Company (check them out here — that’s NOT an affiliate link.)

In all honestly, there isn’t A LOT of tea given to you as you can see above. There’s enough for 6-8 cups depending on how strong you like your tea. If you’re a casual tea drinker this is more than enough for you; for me, I’m gonna use my container of Beach Bitch in a little less than a week. haha Maybe that means I just have a problem. ;-P

What I absolutely LOVED was the crystal tea diffuser (also by Luna Tea Co) — it really WORKS, and I show you up close and personal in the Boho Brewed episode below!

Waking yourself with a glass of water, then tea, coffee, smoothie, whatever is key to a good self care practice.

Sipping on tea while reading a book or listening to an uplifting podcast is KEY for your self care practice.


self care ritual morning practice for boho babes

yup I’m a tea whore 😉

End with something for your mind!

Ok, now we’ve sipped our tea/preferred beverage and woken up a little bit. Now to care for our minds + mindset for the day!

I love to listen to upbeat music, an uplifting podcast/book, OR watch YouTube beauty guru videos. Yeah, I know that’s a little weird, but I love seeing people talk about makeup probably because I can’t do it. haha

Reading a book — even if it’s just 5 pages — is also crucial to my morning self-care.

What I do is sip tea for about 10 minutes, listening to my audio of choice. Then I read a chapter of a book (it ranges from gothic romance to self-improvement depending on my goal for the month!)

If I can’t read everyday, I can listen to my podcast.

If I can’t listen to the podcast, I can read.

And if I can’t do either I can just drink tea.

And if I can’t even drink tea — I can still breathe.

More on that in a bit.


Again, Inspired Book Box fulfills my needs as it sends you a monthly inspiring book! (see why I love them so much?! They send me my whole self-care ritual plus extra goodies!)

July’s box came with Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat Pray Love. I’ve never read this book before (I know! shocker! everyone all of my social media was telling how goooooood it is, and I’ve been enjoying it so far!)

What I do is sip tea for about 10 minutes, listening to my audio of choice. Then I read a chapter of a book (it ranges from gothic romance to self-improvement depending on my goal for the month!)

What I LOVE about this ritual is that no matter WHERE I am I can pop my earbuds in and listen. I can sip tea in a travel cup. To answer Rachella’s question — a morning self-care ritual can move WITH you, whether you’re on the go, commuting, or staying home.

Choose something you can commit to long term.

That’s why the NUMBER ONE tip I have for you is to  b r e a t h e. It’s amazing how often we hold our breath when we’re stressed. I constantly check in my myself — am I breathing?! — and it centers me.

No matter if I’m driving.

No matter if I’m sitting still.



Going on a date with Hubby.

Make sure you’re breathing. It’s staggering to me how many times I catch myself holding my breath!

If you’re really serious about committing to a self-care ritual, having a subscription box that delivers that morning ritual to your door every month will keep you focused, excited about your habit, and on track.

I want my morning ritual mailed to me every month!

You’ll receive artisan organic teas for your morning sippin’.
An uplifting book to start your day out positive.
And more goodies (like bathsalts! and other yummy things like that!)
Best of all: when you’re done with the book, and if you don’t want clutter (helloo minimalists!) you can donate the book so someone else can benefit from it.
Not sure you want this box — or want to see more of it? I unbox the whole box in the video below.
I went LIVE in a Starbucks for the third Boho Brewed episode because I was traveling — just goes to show you how important it is to have a self-care ritual that can travel with you.
To learn more watch away, babe!

Do you want to see me unboxing the Inspired Book Club July box, talk about the goodies, plus give you in the ultimate tips for starting a self-care practice?! Watch!




the SECRET to a No-Stress Closet CleanOut {How to Choose Your Image Words}

teh SECRETE to a No Stress Closet CleanOut

Is your closet overwhelming?


Chaotic + not YOU?

Here’s my number one tip for you. This is not even step one — it’s step zero — and it will make your Closet CleanOut, shopping and boho capsule building e a s y. This is the FIRST thing we do in Build Your Boho Capsule Wardrobe, the first thing I do with my VIP clients, and I’ve done dozens of workshops on this one secret.

Sound unreal? Don’t worry it’s really simple.

Wanna dig deeper into your personal style? Get the Discover Your Personal Style cheatsheet here!

Hi, my name’s Monica Watson and I teach free spirits how to create their own bohemian capsule wardrobes so you can have more free time in the morning for SELF CARE versus worrying about what to wear. Your closet and your style should reflect your unique beautiful soul: that’s my obsession. I started creating capsule wardrobes 9 years ago to help my anxious little self have better mornings (despite depression, PCOS and PTSD.)

Now let’s get to the NUMBA ONE SECRET shall we?!

The second episode of Boho Brewed aired Tuesday 7/11 at 10am EST. Episode two is all about WHY your closet is overwhelming and three ways to fix your unflattering, crazy closet! Watch that below. And if you wanna get a shout-out on the show, suggest your topics here! (Boho Brewed airs every Tuesday at 10am EST on the public Facebook page Budget Bohemian. Like + turn on notifications so you can watch us LIVE!)

To do a no-stress Closet CleanOut you need a GOAL.

You need a PURPOSE for shopping too.

When decluttering and when building a capsule wardrobe you need a concrete description to keep in your mind at all times that keeps you focused on how you want your closet and style to feel after you declutter/shop.

You need 3 image words.

Your three image words are concrete descriptions of how you want to feel in your clothes on a daily basis. You want three of them to keep a rounded out, unique, totally YOU and original description of your personal style.

Ok here’s an example.

I want to feel free, light, and airy in my daily outfits. So I choose one of image words as CLOUD.

Think about it — how do you want to feel? Confident? Free? Sexy? Take those goals and go deeper. Keep reading for examples of an image word that WON’T work.

Here are the 3 steps to choosing an image word.

Your image words can be a movie title, a song, a person, place, adjective — whatever brings a clear, distinct image in your mind to keep you FOCUSED on your personal style.

(1) Think of someone whose style you admire — perhaps a celebrity. What word would you use to describe their style? Use a unique, sensual word.

(2) Keep in mind color and texture. Your style is material, sensed, and brought together by color, texture, etc. Focus on what materials you like. What colors do you like? What word describes these experiences?

(3) Do you want to feel confident, comfy, free? What makes you FEEL those words? Maybe it’s a song, a memory, a place. Pick a word to describe those feelings. That’ll make a grrrreat image word.

What does NOT work as an image word?

A word that doesn’t have a strong, concrete image in your mind linked to it — so “comfy” is probably too weak to a useful image word.

Dig deep into HOW you want to feel.

DESCRIBE concretely how you want to feel using things you’d see, feel, or hear. And BAM, you’ve got an image word that’ll keep you focused through the Closet CleanOut process.

One of my image words is cloud

How an image word WORKS!

When you focus on your personal style — your GOAL for your decluttering, for your CleanOut, and for your shopping — it makes all the choices you need to make simple.

Does that item fit at LEAST one of your image words?


out it goes.

It’s that simple.

When you have clear parameters on how your closet is supposed to serve you, reflect your soul, and make you happy, your chore suddenly becomes FUN!

Your image words also guide your color palette planning (which I also teach you how to do in Build Your Boho Capsule Wardrobe, for all 4 seasons) because color is so powerful; if a color doesn’t fit your image words, it’s also not a good choice for you.

what image words do YOU choose?

Tell us down below!! We’d all love to hear about your personal style.

If you need more personal style + image word support, get the 5 Ways to Uncover Your Personal Style cheatsheet here. It’s a one-page guide of questions to help you figure out your closet goal + style!

Do you need MORE tips for an overwhelming closet?

Watch the second Boho Brewed episode on body hate, finding brands you love and more tips for a perfect closet that reflects YOU!

Mentioned in this episode is my subscription group, Boho Style with Monica.

Do you want personal access to me as your on-call personal stylist?

Wanna ask me what shoes to wear with that outfit today, or whether to buy the blue or the pink shirt? You can post all your questions in the group and I’ll give you personalized help on those daily style questions!

As mentioned in this Boho Brewed episode, the price for Boho Style with Monica is going up from $17/mo to $25/mo once we hit 20 babes in the group! There’s ONLY 5 spots left if you want to join for the $17/mo price. Once you join you’ll keep the $17/mo price if you signed up for that EVEN AFTER the price goes up. Just FYI. It wouldn’t be fair otherwise. 🙂 If you wanna save money, you can sign up for a whole year at $149 to save $53. (After the price goes up the year subscription will be $249!)

Grab the one of the last 5 spots at $17/mo today, here!



Watch the first episode of Boho Brewed here!




How to Bring BOHO into Your Professional Outfits {Boho Brewed Episode 1: VIDEO!}

Simple Starburst Blazer Fashion Tips Pinterest Graphic

Pin that, baby!

How to be unique + professional

You’re a wild soul with a flair for the original. You’ve also got a job.

That job requires you to wear certain things (be it casual outdoors wear or a pencil skirt + heels.) You get bored with what you’re TOLD to wear. But you also can’t risk getting fired. So how do you wear your unconventional style in the workplace?

How do I dress cute and professional?

I’m here to tell you that your professional uniform DOES NOT need to inhibit your self-expression. There’s always ways to bring in a unique touch to any work outfit, even if your workplace dresscode is strict.

To give you some background: I worked in a library a few years ago and the dresscode was strict. Professional pants or pencil skirts, shirts that went over the shoulder, and professional shoes. I had to figure out ways to make my outfit POP even if I still had to wear work-appropriate items.

Now I use my empath abilities to help free spirits create their own unique, bohemian capsule wardrobes so you can have more time for self care in the morning (and feel confident every day!)

Here are 3 ways to bring more BOHO into your BIZ attire featuring Boho Brewed!

All these tips (and more on WHAT boho means) are in the first-ever episode of Boho Brewed — my weekly bohemian show on the Budget Bohemian FB page. It airs every Tuesday at 10am EST and it’s a time for us to hangout, drink tea/coffee/preferred beverage and talk all things boho style and self-care!

The video is down below for you to watch if you want to HEAR/WATCH these tips instead of read! {Plus see me trip over my tongue and overall just act like a dork. ;P}

Feel free to like + turn on notifications at Budget Bohemian! If you show up LIVE I’ll answer all your questions. And if you want a shout-out on the show, go here to suggest a topic!

Let’s get to the 3 biz outfit tips.

(1) Choose unusual, earthy colors (even if you have to wear a pencil skirt.)

Colors are so mood-altering. They’re also one of the first things we notice out of ANY outfit.

Do work in an office? Have to dress professional everrrry day but kinda hating it?

Bring in earthy tones. Rust. Orange. Turquoise. Wear quirky colors: chartreuse, lilac, yellow. Colors are so unique and you can choose tones that REFLECT your soul while still wearing a pencil skirt and cute heels.

Remember: YOU are the QUEEN of your life. Think outside the box. You can dress professionally — but you still get to show off your unique flair.


(2) Silhouettes

Let’s say you’re like Teresa. Teresa watched Boho Brewed LIVE and asked how to add more  unique flair to her outfit — she isn’t allowed to wear jewelry or hair accessories, and her uniform consists of black tee (must be crew neck), jeans, black belt, black hat. That’s it.

Teresa doesn’t have a lot of options does she?

This is where SILHOUETTES come in.

Teresa can wear flared jeans. Or jeans with cool detailing on the pockets. Just something little to keep her happy, satisfied with her daily look, and showing off her unique style.

Remember silhouettes can be a powerful way to wear an unconventional style in the workplace. 

You can wear bell-sleeves with a pencil skirt — that’s office friendly.

Flared jeans for biz casual.

A blouse with cool neckline, flared sleeves, fringe, etc. Focus on unique silhouettes that can be paired with professional pieces for an extra wham.

(3) Accessories

Accessories are SUPER. They pack a punch as far as effect — just one necklace can take a boring outfit to a stunner.

They’re easy to pack, store, and mix n’ match so well!

Accessories can mean necklaces, bracelets, chokers, hair pieces, rings, anklets, hats, scarves…..possibilities. are. endless.

Accessories are your BEST friend when bringing your boho to your biz attire. Just one turquoise necklace, for example, can take your professional outfit just a tad southwestern while staying office-appropriate.

Don’t forget the BIG effect a SMALL piece can make.

Watch how to bring BOHO to your BIZ attire in the first Boho Brewed episode:

We talked what bohemian means plus chatted about HOW to bring unconventional style into a variety of different workplaces. And chugged coffee when I couldn’t figure out words like “jewelry storage hanger thingy.”

Do YOU have a topic you’d like to be discussed on Boho Brewed? Send me your ideas here and get a chance to be featured!

Thank you for reading and if you LIKED this post and video please share to spread the magic!



How to Make Your Closet CleanOut Abundant {11 Tips For a Positive Mindset!}

Every morning you walk into your closet and that anxiety tightens your stomach. What do I wear today?? Which shoes?? Does this match with that?

You try on 5 or more outfits. Only to end up disappointed.

Babe, I hear you.

I live with anxiety, depression and a chronic illness. Stress breaks me down and turns my otherwise-totally-chill-day into a disaster. I’m hypersensitive.

Walking into your closet every day does NOT need to be an activity that brings pain to you on a daily basis. Getting dressed is a ritual. If that ritual includes self-hate because you no longer fit those jeans or you can’t seem to minimize your closet:

stop. breathe. relax.

My focus in this crazy, over-saturated fashion world is to get you TWO things:

(1) a closet that reflects your unique, gorgeous, hippie soul;

(2) a totally stress-free closet overhaul experience.

As a woman with high-functioning anxiety I know how easy it is to say “naw, I’ll take care of myself later,” only to end up in a heap of nerves at the end of the day. I know what it’s like to face a huge project — and know that I can do it — and yet feel despair as to where to begin.

I know what it’s like to open my closet and see nothing but boring, stressful, repetitive, unflattering items.

Walking into your closet every day does NOT need to be an activity that brings pain to you on a daily basis.

You know what, fellow free spirit? It’s time to say YES to letting go. It’s time to say YES to less. Time to say YES to opening up the physical and mental space that will allow you to create the dream, unique closet of your fantasies.

Here’s how to create an abundant, positive experience while doing a Closet CleanOut.

I’ve found that my closet is a place of concrete, simple self-love that pulls me back from the brink. (I’m not being dramatic!! It’s true!!)

Sometimes when we’re low, our clothing can boost us back up.

That’s why it’s important to have items in your closet that elevate your vibe, so to speak.


(1) Tip #1: Open Your Mindset

One of the most common struggles I hear from my clients is “how do I let go of stuff???” If you’re afraid of having less — afraid you’ll miss those items down the road — remember that less is more, and that having a few items you LOVE is more abundant than having an overwhelming closet full of mediocre items.

Your mindset is a very powerful tool.

If you’ve already decided that a Closet CleanOut is going to painful, emotionally rough and a horrible chore…how will it turn out any better?

Remember what you’re GAINING. Don’t focus on what is lost. Money cannot buy you time; and time is what you’re saving by downsizing your closet. You can save up to (if not more than) 30min every morning by creating a simple closet.

What would you do with 30+ more minutes every morning? Read a book? Sip tea? Exercise? Meditate?

Focus on the opening up of space both in mind (so you can reveal your true style) and your physical space: i.e., look at all those empty hangers waiting to be filled with perfect, you-centric items!


(2) Tip #2: Focus on Happiness-Value, not Money-Value.

If you’re worried about letting go of items because you feel guilty about having spent money on them, remember HAPPINESS trumps MONEY. If an item isn’t serving you, let it go. You can always re-sell your items on ThredUP or at a consignment store!

Just as money cannot buy you time, it also cannot buy happiness — or at least, the money you’ve already spent has not made you happy.

If an item doesn’t make you feel like “squee!!!!” inside, let it go. Nobody has time or space for shit. {even the expensive kind}

(3) Tip #3: Choose Your Image Words.

Clothes are ultimately very important because they project an IMAGE. They make us feel a certain way, because they are part of our image as a whole person.

What three words would describe the image you want to project of yourself in your daily outfits? How do you want to FEEL in your clothes? What do you want your daily outfits to reflect about you?

When cleaning out your capsule wardrobe you need a goal. That goal is YOUR personal style, fully expressed. Your image words will serve as your Closet CleanOut goal — and beyond, as it will also guide your color palette planning, your capsule wardrobe templates, and much much more.

You can choose movies, song titles, adjectives, places, verbs or whatever else is concrete and sensual (i.e. able to be sensed) to be your three image words. It’s up to you, babe.

{One of my favorite words from a client was “Stevie Nicks” ;D}

Want more abundance tips?

To receive the rest of the 11 Tips for an Abundant Closet CleanOut, enter your email here to get a cheatsheet of these three tips plus eight more! You can print it out and put it by your bed, so you’ll always have Closet CleanOut inspiration.

They’re all focused on the bohemian babe who wants to open herself up to a new closet of hippie goodness.

This is one of my most popular freebies; I’ve never had a freebie go so quick!! And yes, it’s totally free, no strings attached. Get yours here.

Do YOU have a Closet CleanOut tip or question to ask? Share your experience in the comments!



How to Boho-fy Your Capsule Wardrobe {If You’re Bored with Minimalism} 


You’ve looked up “capsule wardrobe” on Pinterest. You’ve googled images, found guides and read the books on a minimalist closet.​

And you know what? They’re almost all the same style. I hear one complaint over and over from clients, friends, and my audience — you:

“why are all these capsule wardrobes boring?”

Capsule wardrobes as they’re commonly given to you tend to be minimalist in STYLE and well as in NUMBER. And…well…us boho babes and unconventional stylistas find that unsatisfying.

No worries: that’s where I come in! In Build Your Boho Capsule Wardrobe I teach free spirits how to create boho capsules with ethical and thrifted fashion, so you can spend more morning time on self-care and less worrying about what to wear.

A capsule wardrobe is 32-40 pieces of clothing collected in a certain color palette for a certain season. It’s created to make your mornings simple — because everything will match. It’s created to reflect YOU, YOUR style, and your unique personality and lifestyle.

Many capsule wardrobes end up being cookie-cutter. You follow all the templates others give you and you end up dissatisfied, because you end up looking like someone else. Ugh.

I don’t want you to end up looking like someone else. You should look like YOU. When you work with me you always end up with an unique capsule that reflects you and your lifestyle.

You are too beautiful to be a cookie-cutter.

So, without further ado, I made an easy three-step way to bling-up your capsule wardrobe. #LetsGetBoho! All these tips are easy (and involve shopping your closet!)

If you don’t want to read all this — just watch the video below!

It’s a live replay from a workshop I did on Mother’s Day in our Facebook group, the awesome Budget Bohemian Community! You can get lots of free help, exclusive LIVE videos and awesome help from other boho babes in our Budget Bohemian Community on Facebook {you’re invited — join us here, babe!}

3 Ways to Boho-ify Your Capsule Wardrobe

(1) Go with an earth goddess color palette.

If you want to incorporate more bohemian into your current closet, the number one easiest way is to mix and match earthy tones. These colors are grounded and definitely broadcast a hippie soul vibe.

Colors could include olive green, rust, sky blue, turquoise, rose, forest green, tan, black, gold, and many more!

Color is the soul of your capsule. If you’re not happy with your current color palette, watch this How to Choose Your Color Palette workshop in the Budget Bohemian Community {it’s free, and straight of Build Your Boho Capsule Wardrobe!} If you’re not yet a member of our group, no worries, you’ll be added really soon — and you can view the video at any point after you’re added.

(2) Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.

Layering is a HUGE way to create an easy boho look. Layer bracelets, necklaces, or if you have multiple piercings: earrings.

Also, any natural-stone jewelry, turquoise, and metal-work tends to have a very boho-hippie vibe, along with opal and pearl.

The bohemian style is definitely rooted in your accessories. Even if you’re at an office you can bring in the boho flair you love with a boho belt, fringe booties, some embroidery/beading, or turquoise jewelry. It’s a simple way to bring more boho into your closet even if you’re in a situation where you need to tone it down (or if you’re looking for a more subtle approach.)

(3) Pick certain silhouettes.

Bell-sleeves, tunic-tops, flared jeans, and fringe. Maxi dresses. Embroidered details on flowy items. All these silhouettes are bohemian — and you probably own at least one of these pieces already! Layer with some turquoise and you’re good to go.

All this (and more!) is shared in the video below.

Now I’m curious: what’s your favorite way of bringing #boho to your daily look? Do you have a go-to accessory? Tell us below!

And don’t forget to join our free community of badass bohemian babes here in the Budget Bohemian Community for more awesome videos and content. Can’t wait to see you in there and get to know you better!



P.S. Yes, my face is INCREDIBLY dorky in the video still…don’t mind me. haha

Why You Need a Capsule Wardrobe

Let’s get real.

Real life is dirty, messy, full of un-washed hair, sleepless nights and uninspired outfits the next morning. None of us look like chic Instagrammers all the time; hell, some us don’t look Instagrammery at all, even on Instagram. (My account @budgetbohemian sure ain’t perfect.)

Hello, my name is Monica Watson, and I’m the creator of Build Your Boho Capsule Wardrobe — an online course for free spirits looking to curate their own simple bohemian closet with ethical and thrifted fashion.

Some days it’s difficult to get out of bed and make coffee.

Other days I’m so wired and anxious I can’t sleep. I stay up past 3am, writing original fantasy fiction. Or watching cartoons.

I live with anxiety and depression.

The worst of all is that anxiety, depression, and other mental battles {as well as physical ailments} can make “self-care” lower on the priorities list; because husband, kids, job, grocery shopping, phone calls, and others’ happiness mysteriously comes before your own sanity. You just hang onto to “surviving.”

“Thriving” is left for tomorrow, and then for the next tomorrow, until you haven’t lived in months.

You cannot drink from an empty cup. You must fill yourself up with love before you can truly love others. You must respect yourself before you respect others.

We’re all like stain glass windows: we project the colors that exist within our own soul. If our souls are dark, we see the world (and other people) as dark and frightening as well.

Now you’re probably thinking: where the hell does fashion and capsule wardrobes play in all of this, Monica?

Great question. The answer is simple: clothing oneself is a basic necessity for physical health. And expressing oneself artistically is necessary for a healthy interior life.

Style is the art of expressing oneself artistically — and, if done right, projects to the world your gorgeous self. A capsule wardrobe is curated so that every piece, every shoe, every accessory reflects your unique and soul-expressing style.

Fashion is therapy.

Now, sometimes this is mistaken for SHOPPING = therapy, which usually makes your closet is crazy, over-crowded and overwhelming. But I’m not speaking of retail therapy. There’s an art to picking the minimal pieces you need to define your own personal style in your daily outfits.

I’m talking about therapy in the form of self-expression through fashion.

Hell, I know I started my own bohemian capsule wardrobe because (1) I needed a simpler way to dress and (2) I needed to let my hippie, free-spirited, paisley-lovin’ style shine or I’d explooooode. ;P It was therapeutic, because I needed to analyze my own desires apart from anyone else’s. Only my opinion mattered.

I wasn’t used to only listening to my own opinion. And, frankly, it was terrifying. I thought I could make a “wrong” fashion choice.

Yeah, I’m actually wearing shorts. lol

It ultimately took my eight years to fumble through, figure out and finally perfect the art of capsule planning.

What happened?

Getting dressed was a joy.

I loved doing laundry.

I rarely had a “feeling fat day.”

I had time in the morning for self-care.

My question to you, then, is: what are you waiting for? What’s holding you back from creating your own self-care-focused capsule wardrobe?

If you’re thinking “I don’t have time,” or “I don’t know where to start,” I encourage you to register for our Build Your Boho Capsule Wardrobe VIP list.

The whole process that took me EIGHT YEARS to figure out has been simplified into four parts, broken down into step-by-step processes. You’ll create a truly boho, truly YOU capsule wardrobe in the fraction of the time it would take you alone. Build Your Boho Capsule Wardrobe is a my heart’s gift to you.

Learn more about Build Your Boho Capsule Wardrobe and get your personal invite here!

Let’s get boho!



This look features Sips Tea sweatshirt from Souk Bohemian, thrifted necklace, thrifted shorts, thrifted over-the-knee lace-up suede boots.

Enter a caption






What IS a Capsule Wardrobe? (+ My Style Story)

Here at Budget Bohemian we guide you through the steps to create your own, bohemian-style capsule (with ethical fashion pieces of course!)  Today I want to talk about what a capsule wardrobe is, exactly, plus how I started building them in the first place.

Yup. We’re talking fashion + ovaries here today.

You may have heard of a capsule wardrobe — but what exactly is it?

A  capsule wardrobe is a collection of 32-40 clothing items curated in the color palette of your choice for a specific season.

These 32-40 pieces (not outfits) include tops, bottoms, jackets, dresses, coats, etc. NOT shoes or accessories. These pieces should match literally 100% of what you own in VIBE — a boho vibe, to be exact.

A capsule is NOT: owning *just* 32 pieces of clothing (it can be, but this is the practice of minimalism. Minimalism is not the same as capsule-curating.)

Many people curate 4 capsules for the year: one for each season. And of course many pieces would overlap. For example: I have a pair of jeans that I LOVE and I wear year-round. I also have a pair of ankle boots, two jackets, and multiple tops that are four-season-appropriate. (You can see all those pieces + plus get a FREE 8 boho basics checklist here!)


What’s a capsule FOR? It can be used to create a travel wardrobe (semester abroad, extended vacay, etc); as a way to simplify your life; if you’re pregnant, to create a maternity (or post partuum) capsule; or to make your wardrobe seasonal; or to experiment with your style in an unique manner. Ultimately it’s about what YOU need your clothes to DO for you.
For me? It’s about keeping life stress-free and stylish.

You see, I have a chronic illness called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome {PCOS} that makes affects my weight, skin and hair in a way I can’t always control. Some days are just bad, depressing, and hormonal. I struggle with expressing myself at all {especially in person} and sharing my inner life.

So I turned to fashion. I wanted my style to EXPRESS myself in a way I couldn’t find words for. And since I have anxiety I can’t deal with a stressful, overwhelming closet every morning. I want self-expression and simplicity {maybe you do too!}

THAT’S why I consider myself a bohemian style babe: because boho stands for everything FREE, wanderlusting, and gypsy-souled and I want to be free deep down (not only because of my illness) but because I want to be free to EXPRESS myself.


Want to start your own bohemian capsule wardrobe today? Ready to cut out that 30min of “what do I wear??” every morning so you can practice self-care instead of stressing? Start today by getting your free checklist of 8 bohemian basics from ethical fashion brands, right here.

A capsule is meant to be freeing, NOT restricting. Your capsule is about feeling CONFIDENT every day. No matter how painful/upset my body is. And it’s about simplicity because I don’t need more stress. {who does!!}

Remember to check out that post and checklist on the 8 boho basics here.

Ok now it’s your turn…What is YOUR capsule for? Comment below!





#HerStyleStory with Rae: How I Maintain Closet Contentment (And Purged 1k Items!)

Rae describes her boho style as whimsical, pattern-rich and comfortable.

Introducing the second installment in a new blogseries here at Budget Bohemian: #HerStyleStory!


I (Monica Watson) am interviewing Portlandian instagrammer, bohemian dresser & off-duty yoga instructor Rae of Nothing Needs to Be Done about how she thrifts, treats closet curation as self-care and how her style has evolved over the years as she got to know herself more. Rae and I met on Instagram and became fast friends: she’s a sweet soul, inspirational always, and if you need a good book recommendation, she’s your woman.


Do you wanna be featured? Tag your pictures on Instagram with #HerStyleStory. I’ll be looking for you boho babes and your amazing closet stories! Post away! 🙂


Here at Budget Bohemian we believe your clothes MATTER. Our philosophy is that the best fashion statement is ethical and sustainable style and that your style should be a form of self-care & self-expression. Our online program, Build Your Boho Capsule Wardrobe, guides you through the steps of creating your very own bohemian capsule with ethical and thrifted fashion (and 10% of the proceeds go to human trafficking relief!)


Rae’s story is all about self-awareness, knowing yourself and shopping consciously for great overall closet contentment. She shares how once she had an unhealthy relationship to shopping but now knows exactly what and how to shop!


(1) Let’s get to know you, so we understand your style + closet, Rae! What’s your obsession/unique hobby?

I am quite obsessed with living well.

A hobby that goes along with that is herbalism. I love all the amazing nutrients and energies that are contained within plants. Mixing new tea blends and creating tinctures is a creative hobby that also helps me relax. It also feels kind of like creating magic potions so I very much love that aspect.

(2) What does your normal day look like and how does your wardrobe serve you in your daily life?

I wake up and write in my gratitude journal before touching any technology or consuming
any media. I usually practice yoga mid-morning. If I practice at home I throw on a favorite pair of leggings and sweater. If I go to a studio I pick out my workout clothes the night before (helps me get there on time).


I love getting dressed with a curated wardrobe because everything suits my style for any mood I might be in. Every item is my one of my favorite pieces of clothing so I feel confident every day.


After yoga I get ready for the day by putting on a outfit I love. I work from home but I still like to get ready because it makes me feel more motivated. Sometimes I’m comfy in leggings and other times I might wear a bold dress – it all depends on what I’m feeling. I love getting dressed with a curated wardrobe because everything suits my style for any mood I might be in. Every item is my one of my favorite pieces of clothing so I feel confident every day.


(3) Change is a natural and healthy part of life, and our closets reflect the growth that we go through in our lives. Why has your style evolved through the past 5-10 years?

I fell in love with style and fashion from a young age but I didn’t always have a healthy
 relationship to shopping. In high school I was a compulsive shopper and that habit lasted through college.

Every day I felt like I was creating a new me through my outfit. I loved all sartorial pieces that were outrageous, bold, and especially anything that would make people look twice. Those years were a time of experimentation both in my wardrobe and my personal life. I have lived many different lives through my outfits, but I never quite found myself  until I gave up my unhealthy habit and refined my wardrobe.
Over the past three years I have sold or donated over 1,000 items of clothing. Doing a massive purge made me realize what doesn’t work for my life and now I am incredibly picky when it comes to adding new pieces into my wardrobe.

By identifying the styles, colors, and fabrics that make me feel the best, I have also learned about the kind of person I am and the lifestyle choices that make me my happiest, most authentic self.

Over the past three years I have sold or donated over 1,000 items of clothing. Doing a massive purge made me realize what doesn’t work for my life and now I am incredibly picky when it comes to adding new pieces into my wardrobe.

(4) How do you try to shop ethically? What got you interested in ethical and sustainable style?

The first step is shopping less. Less consumption is better for me and better for the Earth. I
shop second hand for most things, especially jeans (they are so much better and cheaper
than firsthand jeans)!

I also support local small businesses, artists, and sustainable fashion brands. If I do purchase something from a traditional retail company, I buy high quality items that won’t need to be replaced for a long time.

I first became interested in ethical and sustainable style after I watched a Vice documentary about the fashion industry in Cambodia. It really affected me and I knew I couldn’t continue supporting fast-fashion. It takes time to learn appropriate alternatives and while I can always be better, I feel so much happier knowing I am not giving my support to unethical industries.



(5) Can you share your favorite ethical/sustainable brand with our tribe?!

Can I share a few? 🙂

For ethical brands I love Matt and Nat, they create incredibly high quality vegan leather bags and shoes. They use recycled plastic water bottles for their lining and continue to innovate new ways to remain eco-friendly.

For athletic wear, Teeki instantly comes to mind. They use plastic water bottles to create their athletic wear and everything is manufactured in the United States.

(6) What’s your favorite ethical/thrifted piece that you own?

I have an amazing pair of hand embroidered, super baggy boyfriend pants. I call them my happy pants because it is impossible not to smile while wearing them.

(7) Do you have a capsule wardrobe? If so, how did you create it to suit YOUR personality and YOUR lifestyle?

I don’t have a capsule wardrobe, rather I have a very refined wardrobe. I habitually go
through my closet and donate pieces that no longer suit my needs. (Need help with your Closet CleanOut? Go here!)

Ultimately, to have a successful capsule wardrobe or refined wardrobe, I believe you need to self-examine and honestly decide what items you use and love. What is the point in having amazing shoes you never touch?

Because I continue to examine my wardrobe, I know which items could truly improve my wardrobe. It is easier to avoid distraction by the latest trends when I already know what I’m looking for. Although I didn’t initially plan to, I stick to a color palette which helps create a cohesive feel and allows me to easily mix and match items.

Ultimately, to have a successful capsule wardrobe or refined wardrobe, I believe you need to self-examine and honestly decide what items you use and love. What is the point in having amazing shoes you never touch?


(8) What’s your number one thrift tip for us?

Be patient and buy only what you love.

Thank you SO MUCH Rae for sharing your style and soul with us! If you wanna follow Rae, check out her lovely Instagram feed @raeissunshine, Twitter @raeissunshine, read her gorgeous blog (and enjoy the photography!) Nothing Needs to Be Done, and follow her blog FB page!

And if you, like Rae, would like to purge your closet get your starting tips her, in my blogpost Why Is Closet CleanOut So Hard?!




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